Ps 67:5 May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you

            This entire Psalm refers to God’s relationship to the earth. He is the God of all people past, present and future. In biblical times, the known world was small compared to what we know now. I believe that whoever wrote this Psalm wanted it used as a prayer of God’s blessing on us throughout time, a God hug if you will.

            When our day is not going as we want, we need a hug from God. As we pray for help, and trust God we know he is with us, blessing us. That is our hug. Our nation was founded on God and his ability to sustain us forever but only if we trust. Some may think God is too busy so they trust him less and less. However, in the midst of our busyness we need him more and more. Yes, God is busy but it is all for you.

            At times, all we want to do is hunker down and keep everyone in our lives safe. As our world expands and family and friends move to other places, maybe even other nations; that is an impossible goal for us, but not for God.  Stop and remember all our blessings and trust that God is there. We have become very global however occasionally, we all can use a “God hug”.

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