Ps 66:3 Say to God, “How awesome are your deeds!” Your enemies cringe before your mighty power.   

The author and time of writing this Psalm are unknown but is believed to refer to the parting of the Red Sea. Those who experienced this great miracle told the story to their children, and it was passed from generation to generation. Remembering this great deed of God’s power brought joy and great faith to Israel. Knowing how he saved their ancestors helped them understand God’s sovereign ability to save them again.   

I love history and enjoy watching documentaries about ancient times and archeology. Sometimes shows about Egypt, Israel or the Middle East try to disprove what is written in the Bible. I find it intriguing that they can’t.  That cements my belief that it did. We see proof of Tsunamis wiping out parts of countries, so why can’t we believe God moved water and opened a pathway over 2000 years ago.

Every time people try to disprove God there are hundreds of examples that prove he exists. Unfortunately, seeing is believing for most. However, believing before seeing is true faith. Are you praying for something that needs divine intervention? Prove God’s presence by believing the answer is coming. Never doubt that heavenly deeds are truly God sent.

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