Ps 65:8 Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, you inspire shouts of joy.

In David’s time, the known world was quite small.  He believed that nature was a sign of love and provision from God. Land, water, the ability to grow food showed nature at its best. The beauty and provision of nature proved God’s generosity, sometimes giving more than we need or deserve.  This abundance of nature is still true today.

I love to travel and had the privilege of visiting many beautiful places on the earth, but I also love to see God’s provision of nature in my back yard. After seeing a program on public television about humming birds, I really wanted to see one. I am a visual person and found it fascinating that they flap their wings so fast they are almost invisible. Every morning I sit on the deck, read the bible, and watch nature all around me.

Birds fly around us and sometimes perch on the deck rail. I marvel at each one. Lately, there have been several different birds around so I asked God if he would bring a humming bird so I could see it. Several days later, I look up and saw a hummingbird flitting around some tubular flowers that had grown next door along the fence. He was so small, probably less than 3 inches from beak tip to tail feather tip. His color was magnificent, all shades of green. I named him Henry Hummingbird.

Every morning, I looked for Henry, frequently finding him breakfasting on the flower’s nectar. Staring at his constant movement showed me that his wings did move extremely fast and only occasionally could I see them. As time passed, I realized that Henry wasn’t around anymore. Then it dawned on me that the flowers had completed their life cycle and were gone. Henry had to move on to live.

There are natural wonders all around us, those from the time of creation to new finds. We all need to enjoy nature as God intended it, to give us life, joy and his blessings. He cares for us.

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