Ps 64:1 O God, listen to my complaint. Protect my life from my enemies’ threats.

            We are taught to pray and praise God. I do that and feel the assurance that he hears me, but I admit I also complain, sometimes a lot. The inequality of life is bad enough.  We also see so much evil and heartache in the lives of our family or friends. Unfortunately, I tend to lash out and complain, not only to God but to others.

            What should we do when we are burdened? Complain to God.  We may believe that he only hears the good stuff. The praise, prayers, petitions and asking for forgiveness, but he also hears our complaints. I am a firm believer that God hears and will respond to all our communications.

            Most of David’s life he had ample occasions to complain. Think about it, if you were running from the law, running from friends and even running from your own son, you would complain too. Enemies and evil were everywhere. He feels every false word and accusation as a sharply pointed arrow aimed directly at him. Words and actions against us are painful but we have the assurance of God’s grace and love.

            David knew from experience the evil committed by those against him would be revealed, and he would be avenged. God himself will reverse the arrows and avenge us. When these mighty acts of God occur we rest in the shelter of his love. Complaining to people never resolves problems but complaining to God covers us in his love.

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