Ps 62:12 …Surely you repay people according to what they have done.

            Today is a good day to talk about “fixed income”. All my working life everyone talked about saving as much money as you can so that when you retire you have something to fall back on. I heard it all—fixed income, limited resources and making ends meet. I agree in theory, to some degree, but I KNOW the power of God’s provision.

            We live by supply and demand, needs vs wants but God always gives what we need. Years ago, if an unexpected need came up, either I worked extra or let God take care of the bill. As I matured in God’s love and word, I realized that if we only spend what we make God honors the effort, and the more I helped others the more I had at the end of the month. Sure, we are always responsible to pay what we owe to others, nevertheless it is more important to faithfully work for and give to him. That is the only thing with eternal value.

            So now, we live on a “fixed income” but God continues now even more, to supply for all our needs. We are not rich, or have the biggest house but every day God gives me a new reason to thank him. We are rich in what counts. HIM.

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