Ps 61:2 From the ends of the earth, I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed.

 God is not limited by geography, he is everywhere. Where ever we are, he is there. Even when country boarders change due to war or hostile takeovers, God is there.  Walls and buildings also do not limit him. He is right there while the student takes a test, the athlete is in competition or the patient is in the hospital. All you need to do is pray, ask him and he will be there.

I sat with my husband in the second hospital of the day feeling overwhelmed by my circumstances.  The doctors had no answers but I did. I prayed for God to reveal to them that there was nothing wrong and that the problem was a side effect of a medicine. I expressed my frustration to God. The tension eased and emotional stress ceased.  After ruling out everything possible, they decided to wean him off his old medicine. This reaffirmed my faith that God is in control.

Even as I sit writing this, the doctors still are not convinced that the seizures were a side effect of a medication but I KNOW.  My heart is assured and my spirit is at peace, so remember that when overwhelmed, trust God to help you through anything.

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