Ps 60:2 You have shaken our land and split it open. Seal the cracks, for the land trembles.

Natural disasters occur all over the earth. Earthquakes have been around since creation but here, David is asking God to seal the cracks. Cracks in the earth can expose toxic gases, gaps in which to fall, and possibly lava that will burn us. Can you imagine what your cracks expose?

Some Christians live in fear of allowing others to see the real life they live. We do everything just right, our children seem perfect, and we never have problems with our in-laws. Ha. We are so proud of our great life but constantly wearing a happy face only puts off the inevitable—we will crack. The bigger the crack, the more truth oozes out. Maybe a child has an addiction, the spouse has a problem with lust or your sibling tries to come between you and your family. Everything that happens to others can happen to Christians also.

When cracks reveal our secrets we tremble, we are short-tempered, unable to concentrate and cry frequently. These and signs of stress. We start spewing toxic words and actions; as the crack enlarges, we fall deeper and deeper into a horrible place of fear where we will be hurt and possibly stuck for life. What can we do?

Ask God to seal the cracks, but in the proper way.  Pray and confess your sin of pride and any others that set up this situation. God not only forgives but also cleanses all our cracks. He gently removes all the pride, sanctimoniousness and conceit. He shows us that we are not the only ones with oozing cracks. Others have similar problem so ask them to pray with you. Without God and his fellowship, all the ugliness of our lives will be uncontrollable. That is exactly what Satan wants because the minute we crack and all the disappointment, frustration, anger, and hatred start leaking, he takes control. However, when God seals the cracks and we daily apply the balm of praise, worship and communion with the Lord, nothing can break the seal.

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