Ps 57:10 For your unfailing love is as high as the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

Think about where David is while writing this Psalm. After escaping from the Philistines he is running again—from Saul, hiding in a cave (possibly Adullam or Ein Gedi). His men and everyone important to him have not yet arrived. All alone only with his own thoughts and probably in darkness. No one to talk with except God.

 My husband and I loved travelling. We have visited several caves. Every time the tour guide turns off the lights I am surprised by the depth of darkness. Without knowing Jesus, I don’t think I could handle the feelings of complete and total isolation. I imagine, that’s what David felt. Even with feeling desolate he talks about God’s love and faithfulness reaching the clouds.

I understand why David spoke of clouds. There are many ways clouds are made, liquid droplets, frozen crystals or other particles, but God forms them all. As a child, I looked to the sky to see the shapes clouds make. I loved watching clouds, especially the “puffy” ones. I imagined that angels sit on them just keeping an eye on things down here. Several times, we have flown through clouds and it is a very peaceful feeling because I believe God has his arms around me. The next time you look up and see a cloud with the sun rays shining through, imagine that God is shining his glory all over you.

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