Ps 55:6 Oh that I had wings like a dove; then I would fly away and rest!

            Have you ever wanted to run away and hide from the problems and pressures of life? Acting on the impulse to flee a difficult situation is not an answer that resolves the problem. When the devil steals our ability to think straight, and wants us to run, God can give us the power and wisdom to deal with the situation. Unless God tells you to run, or get out of the way, his plan is to stand firm and confront the challenges.

            The battle is not ours, but it is God’s. Sometimes the simplest and best thing is to just step away or close your eyes and ask God for help. After doing this a few times you will be surprised how easy it becomes. There are many great people in the bible that begged for escape; however, God knows that running from problems is never the right choice.

            Rest is vitally important to our wellbeing but the proper rest is essential. Rest in the Lord is one of the greatest gifts he gives us. That rest, which defies explanation, is not only physical, mental and spiritual; it is also a complete sense of emotional wellbeing. Without knowing where our help comes from, we would be doomed to a very unsatisfying life.

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