Ps 54:4 But God is my helper. The Lord keeps me alive.

One of my earliest nursing positions required working a day/night rotation. As I got dressed for work, I realized that it had rained a lot that evening. I took my usual route but I didn’t know that it was blocked for road repair. As I contemplated the best way to get around the problem, I remember asking God to help me get to work on time. As I drove through a secluded area, I hit a pothole full of water. Water came over the hood and my car died. I coasted off the road and sat there to wait for someone to see me in need and stop to help.  Time seemed to slow finally I heard a car but it passed me up.

I prayed and thought of turning on the inside lights. Ok, that was better I was more visible. Now late for work I was a little concerned because no other cars came by. Unfortunately, in the early 1980’s we didn’t have cell phones. I knew I was about a mile from the hospital so I decide to walk. Crazy right?  I think God thought so also because as I started to open the door a car passed, pulled in front and stopped.

Remember, it was very dark, and when a very large man got out of the stopped car, fear set in. I started praying in earnest, using all the power of the Holy Spirit I had. I unlocked the door and opened it, and just enough light exposed who the man was. It was a police officer who worked at the hospital. Praise the Lord, he sent an angel to rescue me.

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