Ps 50:15 Then call on me when you are in trouble and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.

            At this time the people of Israel honored all the traditions laid out by God. They were careful to follow all the rituals and made sure their sacrifices were just right. All the burnt offerings and thank offerings were brought exactly as the law required. They thought God was pleased with their efforts. The problem is the rituals became outward devotions but there was wickedness within.

            God always looks at the heart. Many times we go to church, choir practice, and even give our tithe but what is in our heart. Has it become routine, just something we know may please God? We still bring sacrifices to him in worship, sacrifices of praise, sacrifice of our gifts and of ourselves but what is the attitude of your heart.

Check your “heartatude” as you enter into worship. Are you singing what is required or is there a genuine happiness and surrender as you voice the words? Are you fulfilling a duty as you “tip” God or is there joy in giving? Do you appreciate Jesus’ death each time you take communion? As you leave, do you switch to your life or continue in his life? Next time you enter the presence of God check your “heartatude” because a heart that honors God in everything we do gives him glory.

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