Ps 50: 14 Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High.            

            What is a vow? It can be a guarantee, pledge, oath or promise. Years ago, in a court of law you had to swear to tell the truth etc. Even though the words have changed, it is still a vow. Every time you use and sign your credit card charge, you guarantee to pay the bill. At marriage, you pledge your love and faithfulness to your spouse. When we start a new job, we make a promise to do our best and fulfill the job description agreed upon when we sign the contract.  No matter how society words things you are still making a vow.

            How many times do you make promises to people intending to fulfill them but are never able. For whatever reason you are unable to complete the task or help in that situation. No matter how hard you try to explain to that person, it still can bring disappointment.

            How do you think God feels when you make a vow to Him? There are hundreds of promises from God in the bible, and he will never break one. Being careful with promises to God is extremely important also. Sometimes I have needed to say no when asked to do something for another because of a schedule conflict or other commitment but we must be careful when saying no to God.

            God wants us to vow our love, praise and thanks to Him. Every time you show love to another, it is a vow kept. When we praise the Lord in church, it is a vow kept. Even saying “thank you” to another, shows your thankfulness to God that He put that person in your life. Don’t forget to keep your promises today and keep your vow by thanking God for who he is.

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