Ps 49:10 Those who are wise must finally die, just like the foolish and senseless, leaving all their wealth behind.

This Psalm applies to everyone. It doesn’t matter—young and old, upper class and no class, every race, culture and generation. It is particularly significant to those who believe in consumption and materialism to show their prosperity. Yes, we all like nice things but do we really need the newest IPhone before it even hits the market.

A friend ordered the newest IPhone and complained about the price. She felt that the company shouldn’t expect people to buy a new phone every few months. I asked how old her current phone was and she said “over a year old.” I asked “when did the last model come out?”  As she answered she realized she bought it when it debuted. Why did you buy this one? Because I wanted it, then she smiled. You are right I want to be the first with new technology.

Is this what God wants for our life? All our technology does make life easier but is it better. The same with our home or car. Is bigger really better? When all is done and we die there are no pockets in our coffin. We leave it all behind. In our pursuit of wealth God is not impressed with things you leave behind only with people you bring to him. The souls of others is true prosperity.

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