Ps 49:8, 9 Redemption does not come so easily, for no one can ever pay enough to live forever and never see the grave.

            This part speaks about the slave market in the ancient world; freedom came with a price for every slave. Someone had to pay the price for their freedom. Slavery is part of our history and the prices paid were horrendous. Some trying to escape the atrocities, paid with their lives but those lives blazed a trail for future freedoms. Redemption is never easy, even when we attain freedom, there is still a need for recovery, improvement and restoration, before we are truly free.

            Do you have any idea how your life would be without redemption? Redemption from what you say, I’m not a slave. Wrong, we are a slave to sin! Jesus paid the price for us to be free from our sin, and start a new life. God gave his only Son to buy our eternal life. Only God can redeem your soul. Money and physical comforts may keep you happy here, but it will never be enough to stop death or prepare you for eternal life.

            Jesus paid for your redemption but the story doesn’t end there. There comes the time of God restoring your soul the way he created it. Next is your part, a change in your life and improvement in attitude and behavior, then you feel the recovery. Even with recovery, we all need daily doses of God to maintain our communion with Him.

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