Ps 42:1 As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.

            Have you ever wanted something so bad you could almost taste it? You just knew if you didn’t get it you would die. You were desperate and so discouraged you really wanted to give up and die. The author felt this way as he wrote and sang this song. If only he could stand before God, he will live. He equates water and God as life giving.

            Water is essential to life. Our body starts as 75% water but by adulthood drops to 60%. By the time, we are in old age we are just 50/50 water to everything else. Just as a deer depends on water, our lives depend on God. Every time we pray, we get a “sip of God”. The more we seek him and long to understand him, the closer we get to finding eternal life. Christians know that eternal life is the “end game”.

            It’s easy to want or long for something but receiving it takes action. Sitting on the sidelines will not score you points, you need to get in and play the game. Life is the game, eternal life is the ultimate touchdown. Without all the practice, praying, and reading God’s word you may miss the final point and not reach heaven. Are you longing for the correct thing? You are on the right course of reading God’s word daily, now continue that practice and long for God by praying and asking him for insight into your need for Him.

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