Ps 33:8 Let the whole world fear the Lord, and let everyone stand in awe of him.

            Shall we talk about fear? This is not fear of something bad happening to us; it is a fear of the Lord that causes us to honor him. This verse reminds us how great God really is. Because God is the only God and the sovereign Ruler over all, he even reigns over the wicked and the atheist. Because God is who he is, there is hope for all. That is awesome.

             He is Creator, Father, Ruler, Protector, Provider, Watcher, Healer, and more to so many.  After my reading today all I want to do is worship, trust and serve him. Honor, respect, love: these are all things we can do, as we fear the Lord. Without fear of the Lord, we will never be able to be what God wants us to be. 

            So many times when I share something about what God has done for me, people seem amazed, not only that God answers even my smallest prayer, but that I feel comfortable sharing that information with them.  They don’t understand that sharing the wonder of God is my platform to stand in awe of him. If I don’t share my life testimony, I would be afraid of the consequences. I never want to be a dried, empty cup but a vessel full and overflowing with the fear of God.

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