Ps 27:14 Wait patiently on the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.

I never thought of myself as brave or courageous. The best attribute I seem to possess is self-confidence. At times, it can come across as arrogance. The perception of another person can be a window into ourselves. This has aided me over the years to “mellow” in some of my passions. I can be a bit overbearing especially in my confidence of what God is and will do in my life.

When faced with something potentially devastating, I just believe that God will take care of it. People ask, “how can you be so calm and wait so patiently”? Where do you get so much courage? To me courage is having strength in the face of pain or grief.  My response usually is a matter of control. If we are to wait on God to show us the correct way, then we need to wait for God to complete the work. All the planning and worry that goes into fixing a situation is something I don’t have the energy for but I want God, the one who allowed the problem in the first place, to take control of it all. His love, patience and guidance has never failed to give me the courage needed in life’s most trying situations.

Is this courage? I just think it’s common sense.  If I live my life and believe that God is constantly with me, leading and guiding me, and remind myself who and what he is, then courage comes as second nature.


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