Ps 24:3-4 Who may climb the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? Only those whose hands and hearts are pure…

God deserves our worship and it is the least we can do to please someone we love. We do nice things for people, why not for the One who made us. How important is this for today?

David asks the question of “who” but answers with the “what and how.”  We are the “who” but there are requirements. Some feel they can worship anywhere. That is an excuse used when you prefer to choose other “entertainments” over church.  Sometimes it shows that they love people more than they love God. He is the Father of the universe, he created us, why not spend time with him in praise and worship. The Bible calls us to praise with others in love and fellowship and to worship as a community. Doing this is obedience.

The “what” has to do with our hands and heart. God looks for clean hands. This means there is no moral impurity in our lives. This can be a daily struggle but every time you need help, God is present to not only help but also forgive. A pure heart is evident when there is total devotion to God in love and obedience.

How can we keep our hands clean and our hearts pure? Part is to refer to the previous verse—fellowship with like believers, singing, praising God and hearing the Word of God, following his teachings and serving him. As you live a true Christian life, the example you show will let others know the status of your “hands and heart”.

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