Ps 17: 15 Because I am righteous, I will see you. When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.

            This verse shows our unending faith in life after death. He uses the word “awake” as a transition to his heavenly body. There is no other explanation except resurrection, after our earthly body dies.  Any belief in resurrection was not popular or widespread. As I study, several verses appear in the Old Testament referring to God taking our soul from the grave.  David uses this concept in Psalms and had complete faith that he would see God face to face.

            At that exact moment, when he awakes in the presence of God, he knows that all the struggles, pain, temptations and crisis that life has dealt him will all fade away. None of that will matter. He will be satisfied. Can you imagine that level of satisfaction? Sure, we all feel a sense of satisfaction at a job well done or a particularly difficult goal accomplished, but the satisfaction of seeing him face to face is beyond anything we will ever feel before that moment.

            Every time I hear the song “I can only imagine” by Mercy Me it overwhelms my senses and feelings of seeing God and living with him forever. I cannot imagine and I cannot wait. A strong steady course will prove fruitful on the day we arrive there.

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