Ps 9:1 I will praise you, Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.

Have you ever pondered your life? All the things that have happened, both good and bad. Every time something happens, an action takes place. Think about, if nothing happens in life, would that really be life? No! Because life is a constant process, we continue day after day “doing.” Now think about what is already done. First, someone gave birth to you. You were raised, hopefully taught right from wrong, and became the person you are today. It is a hard road but we need to stop and think about what happened to bring us here.

Whenever someone asks questions about things happening in their life, they usually want to know WHY? Especially when it involves heartache or grief. In my desire to serve, I want to help that person understand but what if I don’t understand? In order to serve others, I need to depend on God’s wisdom for the words to share.

Repeatedly God has allowed me to go through things, to be honest, that I questioned but every time He brought me through the circumstance, it made me stronger. Now if a conversation turns to the “whys” of life I remember and share the wonderful things that God has done for me. Sometimes I believe it helps the person and sometimes not, but every time I tell of something God did for me, it helps me.

Start praising God for what He does for you. It may be as simple as a beautiful sunrise. Praising God for everything He does is a great way to keep your day and life on the right road.

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