Ps 5:8 Lead me in the right path, O Lord, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow.

When out in public it is difficult to know what to say when a stranger strikes up a conversation. I am reluctant to respond to life questions when I am not aware of a person’s beliefs. I always pray God will show me their need and give me words that will help instead of hurt.

While waiting for someone to service my car at the dealership, I sat next to a woman who appeared to be my age – over 60. I smiled and said “Good morning.” Our conversation revealed that after twice widowed she wanted more interaction with others. Before I left, I gave her a pen with my church’s information and told her if she needed anything to call or better yet come visit us.

The following week I went to the pharmacy to pick up medicine for my husband. I was eager to finish my errands but decided not to use the drive-thru. Before I reached the door, I heard someone call my name. Turning to look,  it surprised me to see the woman from the waiting room. I felt led to invite her to my Prime Timers Saturday evening “Meal and Movie.”

She responded, “I’ve been looking for a Christian group to fellowship with.”

We said in unison, “It’s meant to be.”

She not only came to the fellowship she brought a friend. The first person she saw was a couple that lives on her street. Again, we said in unison, “It was meant to be.”

Being sensitive to God’s guidance is vital when dealing with the hurt or lonely.

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