Ps 2:8 Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.

Watching the news can be depressing and overwhelming. The destruction from war, terrorist attacks and even natural disasters can make you wonder “why”. I wish I had all the answers.  All I know is God is in control. Therefore, if He is a loving God, He should be able to fix all the problems on earth.  He can but have you asked Him. He wants you to ask Him for everything.

Sometime I think if things do not change, there will not be a world for future generations. What are we leaving as an inheritance? Poverty, pain, destruction, desolation? That is not what I want to leave as my legacy. Start small. Find one thing in your community where you can make a difference. There are so many opportunities to help, either one person, organization or neighborhood. Perhaps cutting the grass for an elderly couple, starting a book lending program, or maybe smile at people when you walk your dog. Stop and get to know them. You will be surprised how much a smile turns a bad day into a promising evening.

Can you imagine living where people care about and help each other? The next thing you know, person after person, is making a difference. Communication is the backbone of community in every nation. Ask God how you can take possession of your “nation”.

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