For all who were unable to view and follow in 2019 I wanted to start from the beginning.

When God first planted the seed of faith in my heart to write this book, I had doubts. Let’s face it, who do I think I am.  Can I really make a difference in another’s life? As I read the Book of Psalms God reminded me of past people and experiences that made a difference in my life and opened my understanding. For months, I remained unconvinced until our pastor preached a message about obedience, and the truth hit me! God would never give me the desire without imparting ability.

Therefore, I started the process, first with prayer, and then really learning all I could about the culture and time Psalms was written. That is when fear set in.  How will I find the time to accomplish such a daunting task? Again, I prayed and waited for peace to go forward. Then our pastor’s son preached about fear.  The message reminded me about Goliath going out every morning and every evening for forty days to taunt the Israelites. Goliath had no doubt! He showed his height, strength and even his arrogance to torment and put fear in the hearts of God’s people. He bragged on his past victories, embellished his current situation and even predicted his future win over the Israelite’s.

That is when I knew, without a doubt, what the problem was. The devil is the author of confusion and doubt and he was the one causing the turmoil in my spirit. God has a plan and purpose for my life so as I end one season of life I go forward completely committed to the next.  After 45 years of nursing, mostly in Neonatology, I had a relationship with many of my babies’ families. In fact, I cared for many of their parents and grandparents.  I still see people in my community who were my patients and family members.                                                                                           

I will endeavor to give hope, show compassion and give insight to assist in your daily walk with God. Will reading a Psalm every day keep the enemy (or other things) out of your life? No, but my prayer is that it will stimulate the desire to dig deeper and build the relationship you have with the Lord.  Also included is a “word” for the day. I hope you keep the “word of the day” in your heart using it whenever needed to draw you back to God.                       

By using the New Living Translation of God’s Word, unless otherwise mentioned, my desire is that you are able to glean words of support, encouragement and help to not only get through your day, but to excel in the knowledge that only God can give. With this expanded knowledge you will have what is needed to achieve your God given purpose in life.

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