Ps 38:13-15 But I am deaf to all their threats. I am silent before them as one who cannot speak. I choose to hear nothing, and I make no reply. For I am waiting for you, O Lord. You must answer for me, O Lord my God.

  I worked at the same hospital for thirty-five years. In this day of mobility and change some people thought I was crazy to put up with some of the people and things that go along with a long-term job. Over time and after speaking to other nurses, I discovered that as long as you work with people, there is no perfect job. If you seek a better one you will find the same problems as the ones you left. Human nature is the same where ever you go. Many times my husband and I would discuss problems or people and after praying, God always prevailed. Knowing that I was meant to be there I tried to make a difference.

            Several times co-workers who were good friends asked me why I allowed others to talk to me in such negative and degrading ways. I confess, it was hard to explain, but I always knew that God had my back. One time a co-worker was giving everyone problems. I used the “kill them with kindness” approach. Finally, the person came to me and apologized for their behavior. Slowly she assimilated into our staff and became a productive member.

Unknowingly, I helped her work out some personal issues that haunted her. Before she resigned to follow other avenues, she thanked me for not reacting to her the same way she acted toward me.


  1. Really needed to read this – you hit the nail on the head. I, too, am faced with the same attitudes you endured, but reading this reafirmed why I accepted my recent job. God knew in my heart that I love helping people, especially the elderly who, like me, have no family. Employees who gave me the “cold shoulder” are not at least acknowledging me when I say “Good Morning” or “how was your weekend”. God has placed in my heart that I am using my job as a ministery. Love ya, my friend!

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