Ps 25:4 Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.

While on vacation my husband and I enjoy wandering on less traveled roads. The unbeaten path can be breathtaking in their simplistic beauty. Roaming the hills and valleys can bring never before seen surprises like a dairy farm with all the cows attached to the milking machine. Who knew you can milk more than one cow at a time? Another road brought us to a cheese making factory. After removing the whey from milk it is dehydrated and used for smoothies and baby formula to increase the protein level. Some roads are interesting and fun but what about our life roads?

We all make choices daily. Some major such as our career and marriage and some minor—like what to wear or what restaurant to attend for a special dinner.  All decisions made will chart the course of our lives. As a parent I see and explain things objectively to my children. I explain the situation then give suggestions for solutions, reminding them that there is always an action and reaction to a decision. Do they want the good (positive) reaction or the bad (negative) reaction? I remind them that there are consequences in life and every decision is a stone to build or tear down their life.

As we encounter problems in life our choices can bring us down narrow, dark and even scary roads that can be dangerous to our Christian witness. Just like Alice who fell into a rabbit hole, we fall deeper into sin and regret our choices. Or we can follow God’s path and receive blessings and eternal life. As we draw closer to him he will guide us down the right road.


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