Ps 18:19 He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me.

Some live their Christian life without realizing how delighted or pleased God is with them. Even though far from perfect David believed that God was pleased with him. With all his problems, mistakes, and sins his heart cried out to God day and night. He never doubted who he could turn to in times of trouble and never doubted God’s forgiveness. This confidence that God loved and was pleased with him brought renewed assurance of his future.

A young girl in my church explained how she asked God to take her sister, because she suffered from a devastating illness. She felt guilty and believed that if she was capable of wanting her sister dead no one including God could love her. At that moment God revealed to me that her sister was one of my pediatric patients I had led to Christ. After praying with her at the altar, I explained that I stayed late at work and prayed with her sister who accepted Christ as her Savior just prior to her transfer to ICU. She was shocked. Her sister had told her to go to church tonight. Later, that evening she said her sister was in a coma but she was fine with that because she now knew that her sister wanted to go to heaven.

We can enjoy this assurance by remembering that God is pleased with us. He may not be pleased with our behavior, and we will make mistakes, but he is pleased that we love him and try every day to be the person he planned us to be.


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