Ps 34:12-13 Does anyone want to live a life that is long and prosperous? Then keep your tongue from speaking evil and your lips from telling lies.

Doesn’t everyone want to live a long and prosperous life? Sure, even Spock who spread his fingers and gave the “live long and prosper” greeting on the long running TV series Star trek saw the value of that statement. However, in that fiction story, achievement of that goal was different from the reality of life.

What is the one thing that can keep us from such a lofty goal? Spoken words. Thinking prior to speaking is important. Praying is more important. The conflict between our mind and heart creates problems. But remembering God’s word can govern what we say in a positive way.

Thinking negative thoughts produces words and actions that are contrary to God. Evil, hatred, jealousy, animosity and meanness will show through our words when we least expect it. Turn from all the bad in the world and look for peace, and God will fill your heart and mind with good. Then you won’t need to worry. Once you find control of your tongue, work hard to keep it. Every time you seal your lips over a harsh word or rebuke you are one-step closer to the person God made you to be. Before you know it a habit of positivity is embedded deep in your soul and the peace you sought will be there. Continue to pray for wisdom, especially when speaking with someone with a difficult problem. Then when the need arises, you have the ability, wisdom and words God wants you to share.

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