Ps 35:17 How long, O Lord, will you look on and do nothing? Rescue me from their fierce attacks. Protect my life from these lions!

Psalm 35 is an “imprecatory” (cursing) Psalm, which asks God to deal with his enemies. David forms a foundation for believers to use when anger against another occurs. He doesn’t want revenge, only for God to give him refuge.

Twenty-eight verses are David’s request to call down judgement on his attackers, but he was not taking matters into his own hands. He committed the whole situation to God in prayer. Even with prayer, David felt like he hit a brick wall.

We need to understand what the wall is. Whenever we pray for good to have victory, we are also praying for the total destruction of evil. This causes a great divide and a thicker wall between good and evil. Prayer shortens the divide and brings good closer and closer in our lives. God is good, Satan is evil and anything that keeps us from good (God) builds a wall. Prayer and God’s love is the only thing that will tear down walls.

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