Ps 20:4 May he grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.
     This is a prayer for victory in battle and is a prayer every Christian should pray. Not because we face military conflict but because we find ourselves deep in spiritual warfare everywhere. When we pray for a person, whether for salvation, redemption or healing, it is a spiritual battle. David knew that true success comes from God and with prayer and faith, believing that God will answer; he would achieve success in life.
     We need to pray, every day, for victory against every spiritual enemy. Hatred, prejudice, bigotry, racism, discrimination and indifference are enemies to be conquered. Our nation has problems but it seems that these “enemies” are the crux of the matter. David understood discrimination when he went to fight Goliath but he also knew that victory was in the hand of God. God wants us to succeed but without his help and his plan, we don’t have a chance.
     How can we succeed and fulfill the purpose God gave us in the midst of all the “enemies” around us? Stay focused on God and use every tool he gave us to overcome the world. We need to maintain a delicate balance by trusting God as if everything depends on him, while working and doing our best, as if everything depends on us. If we commit our actions to God, his plan will succeed. There is no human wisdom, understanding or plan better than God’s.

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