Ps 11:5-7 The Lord examines both the righteous and the wicked. He hates those who love violence. He will rain down blazing coals and burning sulfur on the wicked. For the righteous Lord loves justice. The virtuous will see his face.

This Psalm speaks to us about deliverance from the wicked. God will not keep believers from difficult situations. He may even make it extremely “hot” while we are going through life’s problems. Sometimes these situations become a refining fire, but for others they become an incinerator for destruction. That is fine because he is always with us, remember; he was in the fiery furnace with the three Hebrew children. He will bring us through (sometimes carrying us) and then deliver us to a stronger better place, perhaps physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

These situations in life are necessary to bring us closer to him. Use these challenges as opportunities to grow. When faced with wickedness, violence or wrong choices remember who is in control. God’s plan is perfect and continuing in that plan will bring us closer to God’s goal for our lives.

That is exactly what David did. He saw God in heaven and in total control. The Lord was not in a panic, and definitely not confused. He knew exactly what would happen in David’s situation, thus God’s answer. The wicked will obtain their just rewards and the virtuous will see his face. When we see his face, it will all be worth it.


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